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Contest Entrants

Solar on Farms

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: John Towndrow

This small system was developed to provide simple lighting for an off-the-grid cabin. With two small batteries, one solar panel, a charge controller, eight LED light fixtures and some speaker wire, we have what we need for task and area lighting.

The photo shows the setup before the panel was mounted on the roof. Ontario should encourage as much of this innovation as possible.

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Eddie Obeliunas

This photo was taken near Odessa, ON while shooting as built photos for the solar installation. It was a renewable energy hot spot with the wind turbines next door.
This solar farm is helping local residents and farmers tap into renewable sources and reduce transmission losses to the area.
Free market solar is vital for Ontario, to allow the province to springboard off the great FIT programs that got solar started in this province. If nothing is done soon, all the solar resources and know how that was created during this period will be lost.

Solar in the City

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Robbie Shelson

This photo represents the ingenious use of Installing a Solar PV System on an existing building to capture the sun and help offset the operation costs of the building under the Ontario FIT Program.

The background of this photo reprents all of the aspects that Installing Solar under these contracts benefits from; Canada and Ontario represented by their respective flags as well as the community, green trees and clear skies.

Together we can build a better place.

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Matthew Jaglowitz


I took this aerial photo at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, for a solar survey and install project we did with RESCo energy.
These panels are allowing the mall to reduce their carbon footprint!
Free market solar is a critical next step for the PV industry in Ontario and Canada. It will strengthen the industry, allowing it to mature, standing on it’s own two feet and not be so dependent on government subsidies. With the ever rising cost of electricity in Ontario, this is more important than ever.

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Lee Searles

Were a family run business and were fortunate to enroll in the Micro-Fit Program when it was available. Because of the money we earn with our Solar Panels we were recently able to purchase a second building across the street to expand our Estate Sale and the online end of our business.
Pictured in front of our Storefront is myself, Lee, my husband Paul, our son Benjamin and the latest employee, our Granddaughter Illyia who routinely earns the Employee of the Month award.
As well as using the new building for our business we are planning on building apartments, with one for us, and if the Government of Ontario were to expand access to free-market solar we intend to install solar panels beside the rooftop garden.

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Kawaljeet Singh


i am click this pick on my work we have installed 20 kw ongrid system in the city daily generated 100 unit electricity

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: James Curtis

This is Ontario’s largest solar carport. It is also Canada’s first net positive building called Evolv 1 in Waterloo Ontario.
This site has a peak power of 768kW. The building will self consume the power it needs and then feed back to the grid any excess power.

Solar at Work

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Spencer Eagle

I took this photo during a solar install in Toronto early this spring which I was doing on a friends home. He has been able to reduce his Hydro bill by over 60%!
The Ontario Government needs to adopt a free market approach to solar as it is the only sustainable way the solar PV industry will be able to continue to grow steadily over the coming decades and make significant dents to the climate crisis that we all face.

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Jim Curtis

Annual solar tracker maintenance in Owen Sound. This is a microfit contract that feeds power directly to the grid.

Creative use of Solar

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Paul Smith

I got on to the FIT program at $0.395/kWh, and make on average after tax $370/mth. This bothers some people, as well it should. They should be so bothered that THEY take advantage of it. That’s the idea. The positioning of my house is dead south, and the clerestory windows ensure that the winters sun lights up the loft inside, and the use of LED lighting, induction stove and other simple power saving techniques helps greatly. Averaged over the year, I generate 7.2x the electricity that I use, reducing overall cost to the grid. The FIT program has been cancelled, but my 20 year contract goes on.


#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Joan Haysom

Our house is host to a 23 modules system that were installed in 2012 and have been operational for 6 years now. The picture is from soon after that, when we bought our first Chevy Volt, and shows one of our daughters plugging in the car to charge. The solar, the car and the house are all grid connected. However, we are proud to say that the solar panels produce more energy in a year than our Volt requires for charging for all it’s driving in the year – thus we have a solar powered car!

#SolarSnap Photo Contest: Brian Sutherland

This is a prototype FM radio in a mason jar tuned tp 93.5FM “The Moose’ in Haliburton, Ontario. It runs on solar charged graphene capacitors instead of batteries and gives about 3h of play, easily recharging daily in a sunny window. Graphene capacitors recharge 100,00 – 1,000,000 times and can last 20 years. This will never use more energy than is available – it is a sustainable consumer product.